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Master the NIC: Written Workbook

Are you preparing to take your NIC written exam? Our workbook is used in over 14 colleges and universities, making this must-have material for your test prep workbook is a must-have.

“I cannot recommend this book enough. Just ask any of my colleagues! I didn’t understand the benefits of active learning until this book and I can confidently say IT WORKS! Every section looks and feels well-rounded and challenges you to find the answer outside of just books, helping you realize that learning is truly an active process.” – Chris Torres

Interpreter Diagnostics

Preparing to take an interpreting exam? Would you like diagnostics on your work to help you focus on areas for improvement? We can help! We work with certified interpreters, both hearing and Deaf, to give you quality feedback. Receive in-depth diagnostics on your work! Contact us to get started!

One-on-One Mentoring

Looking to improve your professional & career interpreting goals? Work with a certified interpreter who can help guide you in your career. Our team has both Deaf and hearing interpreters who are experienced mentors ready to work with you on your goals.

In-Person Workshops/Seminars

To learn more about in-person workshops, please view our catalog here (coming soon!).

To book a workshop in your area, contact us.

Online Workshops/Seminars

Our online classes vary in length and are held at different times during the year. To pre-register, click the links below and we will contact you with the times & dates class will start.

Intro to VR Interpreting

A deep look inside vocational rehabilitation interpreting and the role of the interpreter in each area. 40 Hours

Intro to Emergency Management Interpreting

Learn the different areas of Emergency Management Interpreting and best practices for functioning in each. 20 Hours

Social Security Interpreting

What is the difference between SSI and SSDI? Medicare and Medicaid? What’s a BPQY or TWEs? Come learn the language of Social Security work to improve your interpretations. 10 Hours

Press Conference Interpreting

This three-part series prepares seasoned interpreters for press conference interpreting. Attendees will receive a certificate of completion for each part they successfully complete and an overall Series Certificate of Completion once all three sections are completed. Attendees must complete Parts I, II, and III.

Part I – The first part of this series is 30 hours online. We will be learning technical vocabulary, best practices, target audience, review of videos, and more. Part I Registration Form

Part II – The second part of this series is 20 hours online. Attendees will be working online, providing their own interpretations, and providing discussion on each other’s videos, and more. Part II Registration Form

Part III – The third and final part of this series is a 16 hour, in-person workshop where attendees will be working in unprepared stimuli. Hearing interpreters will practice interpreting and providing feed-interpreting for Deaf interpreters. Deaf interpreters will practice teaming with hearing interpreters. Part III Registration Form

Interpreting Standardized Tests

When you come face-to-face with a standardized test, how do you proceed? Can you provide accommodations? What parts should you interpret? This workshop looks at many different standardized tests and evaluations interpreters may come into contact with and how to prepare, study and master each evaluation.

Mind Your Own Business

If you are an independent contractor and receive a 1099, it means you have your own business. You should know how to best run your business. This workshop looks at contracts, invoicing, marketing, and more. The business of interpreting is another skill every interpreter should have if they do any type of agency and contract work.

NIC Written Prep

Preparing to take your NIC written exam? This workshop is a must have. After training hundreds and hundreds of interpreters-in-training, we have the experience to help you achieve your goal of passing the written exam.

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